Veteran Oil Partners strikes oil again in Creek County, Oklahoma

On February 10th 2016 Veteran Oil Partners LLC reached a total depth of 2775′ on the Puller 29-1 well drilled in Creek County, Oklahoma- an area in which the company has successfully invested in over the past 5 years. Upon evaluation of the series of E-logs ran by Anline Inc., a wireline service company based out of Henryetta, OK, Veteran Oil Partners announced they are quite pleased and encouraged by oil and gas shows in formation samples, and correlated electric logs that show two zones with excellent oil and gas potential.

The well is operated by VOP’s affiliate operating company Veteran Exploration & Production LLC. The premise of the prospect was to offset successful Skinner wells to the north that the company drilled in 2014 and test the Skinner sand along the southern flank of a productive sand channel up dip from a nearby productive Skinner well, and also to test the Prue sand that is along the upper pinch out of a new multi-million dollar water flood project installed by Top Sail Energy Company out of OKC in the Pure sandstone reservoir.  Consulting Geologist Kim Drew out of Tulsa, Oklahoma was quoted “We logged over 53 feet of oil sand in the Skinner, and the samples from the Prue looked way better than we had expected, and could be the upper limits of Topsail’s big Prue water flood project, I am very encouraged by the test results of this well and the entire area of Veterans’ leasehold. I would expect that there is room for two to three additional wells on this quarter section alone.”

The well is currently in the completion phase waiting to be fracked, and Veteran Oil Partners/Veteran Exploration&Production expects to have the well online producing by the end of April.


CAUTIONARY STATEMENT: Statements of future events or conditions in this release are forward-looking statements. Actual future results, including project plans and schedules and resource recoveries could differ materially due to changes in market conditions affecting the oil and gas industry or long-term oil and gas price levels; political or regulatory developments; reservoir performance; the outcome of future exploration and development efforts; technical or operating factors; the outcome of future commercial negotiations; and other factors.

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