Veteran Oil Partners LLC strikes deal with S&J Operating Co.

Ariel footage of the Bruno Morbitzer production battery, and the #3 and #5 wells

Veteran Oil Partners’ CEO, Derek S. Evans, announces the acquisition of 180 acre Caddo Limestone water flood project from S&J Operating Co. out of Wichita Falls, TX. S&J Operating Co. is a privately held oil partner / oil & gas operating company founded in the early 1960’s who specialize in valuations, oil and gas reservoir studies, and supervision of secondary and tertiary oil recovery programs. The 180 acre “Bruno Morbitzer” unit is a secondary recovery water flood project in the Caddo 5100 field in Archer County, Texas. The acreage unit had an original estimated 1,363,490 barrels of oil in place and has produced approximately 626,973 barrels of oil to date, 162,080 bbls since the inception of the water flood program. Oil Partner / VOP, estimates another 70-100,000 bbls of oil over the next 12-15 years to be recoverable before the project reaches its economic limits. Perhaps more importantly, the Morbitzer acquisition will also provide Veteran with 3-4 additional drilling locations to continue it’s exploration drilling program targeting the deeper “Mississippian” formation found at 5600′, that they recently announced a major discovery in. Veteran Oil Partners is planning a 2 square mile 3D Seismic shoot to fully evaluate adjacent/surrounding acreage from the discovery well that the oil company controls.

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