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Veteran Oil Partners sets pipe on the J. Dunham USMC #1 well

After 10 days of drilling Veteran Oil Partners reached a total depth of 5,994′ on the J. Dunham USMC #1 well located in Archer County, Texas. This well was designed to offset the Trovillion USMC #1 well 1250′ to the west that is producing in the Mississippian limestone formation. The J. Dunham USMC #1 recorded the best mud log show Veteran Oil has seen yet in the Bryson sandstone with a 545 u gas show. The onsite geologist notated 100% florescents throughout the sample intervals. The Caddo limestone also had an excellent show with 100% flourescents throughout. E-logs confirm probable oil pay in the Bryson, Caddo, and Mississippian formations with possible pay in the Dog Bend sandstone and Ellenburger Dolomite. Completion operations are soon to commence.