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Veteran Exploration & Production LLC proposes new well location

Veteran E&P, Veteran Oil Partners’ operating subsidiary, has proposed a new well location in Archer County, Texas. The proposed location will offset Veteran Oil Partners’ established production 1300′ to the north on the down thrown side of the known local fault block. The project is designed to offset a well 1200 ft. to the north east drilled in 1982 that has produced over 64,000 barrels of oil from the Forestburg chert-limestone. A recent drill in the area on the down thrown side of the fault established production in the Ellenburger formation, making it prospective in the new VOP proposed location. The Barnett shale, Caddo limestone, Bryson Sandstone and the Mississippian limestone are also prospective formations in the proposed location. 70,000+ barrels of oil could be possible in any of the main objective targeted formations. The well will be drilled to a proposed depth of 6,000 ft +/-. The name of the project is the S. Jackel USARMY #1 well, named in honor of deceased American hero- U.S. Army Sgt & purple heart recipient Steven W. Jackel.  The project has so far received strong commitments and is being offered to partners at Veteran Oil Partners’ best cost structure yet @ $143 per project ft. completed to the tanks. Email info@veteranoilpartners.com for more information on the program.