Our History

Our Story- The Evolution of a Company


Veteran Oil Partners LLC was founded in 2010 by USMC Combat Veterans Derek S. Evans and Taylor F. Rogers. Although they knew of one another from growing up in the same city of Plano, Texas, their brotherhood was forged in 2004 while executing 100’s of combat missions throughout the Al Anbar Province, Iraqwhile serving with the 3rd Battalion 11th Marine Regiment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Veteran Oil Partners’ business activity is guiding by the principles of honor, courage, commitment, and integrity. All traits that were engrained in the company founders through their service as United States Marines.

Veteran Oil Partners was born- September 2010

Rough Start: Oct 2010-April 2011

Veteran Exploration & Production is born: May 2011

1200 Acre Acquisition: June 2011-Feb 2012

VOP Strikes Oil: July 2012

Welcome to the Oil Business: November 2012

A Little Luck Never Hurt Anyone: June 2014

Creek County Drilling Program: 2012-2015

Veteran Oil Partners Version 2.0: 2016 – Current

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